Upload images to mockup scenes using Dropbox

Upload images to mockup scenes using Dropbox

  • Jul 11th
  • 5 min read
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Learn how to get started with using Dropbox integration to upload your own design assets onto mockup scenes from Smartmockups!

We have already introduced you our two very unique integrations that enable you to upload your design assets onto mockup scenes. This time, we are bringing an integration that makes life so much easier by saving tons of design files within its own interface without you having the need to have your laptop loaded with files. The integration we are talking about today is the Dropbox integration and we are excited to show you exactly how to set it up, how to use it and leverage the usage to the maximum.

What will you learn?

  1. What is Dropbox integration?
  2. Whom is the Dropbox integration for and how it can help me?
  3. How does the integration between Smartmockups and Dropbox work?

1. What is Dropbox integration?

Dropbox integration represents a unique connection with Smartmockups that lets you upload design assets, images and photos onto a mockup straight from your Dropbox account. For those of you who are not familiar with Dropbox. It is a modern workspace and a file hosting service that is currently being used by more than 280 million people monthly with over 1.5 billion images saved daily.

Thanks to the fact that many designers, marketers and creatives store their assets using Dropbox, we figured that Smartmockups users can only benefit from having this opportunity to upload images from their own Dropbox accounts. Therefore we put things to a test, launched the integration and came to the conclusion that it saves time for many!

Ever since its launch, Dropbox integration has become the third most frequently used integration on our website with hundreds of uploaded images weekly.

2. Whom is the Dropbox integration for and how it can help me?

The integration can be a huge life saver for anyone who is not willing to store tons of files within the HDD/SSD disk of a laptop. Let's say that you freelance as a product designer and use Smartmockups on a daily basis. With having so many different clients, it can be a hassle to store different design assets in different folders eligible for different clients. In other words, organizational part of your work can take a bit toll on you. With this integration from Smartmockups, you can be more organized than ever and focus on things that matter for you and your business. And that sounds amazing, doesn't it?😉

3. So, how does the integration work?

The best way to show you how the integration works is by going through the process with you. Let's create a mockup to see the performance of Dropbox integration together with Smartmockups. With the following step-by-step guide, you will be able to learn how to create your first mockup.

STEP 1: Connect your account to Dropbox & choose the perfect mockup

Before we jump into the design process, you need to make sure that your account is connected to Dropbox integration.

  • 1) Go to the settings of your Smartmockups account
  • 2) Click on "My account" and search for "Integrations"

From there, you can choose which integration you would like to connect your account to either by a default switch (for Dropbox and Canva integrations) or through a new preference connection (Figma and Marvel integrations).

Now that you've made sure that you are logged in in Dropbox and both accounts are connected, you are all set to get started! 😊

We are going to create a technology mockup, particularly a new iPad Pro product image. On our website, go to the "technology mockups" section and look for tablets. Choose the perfect one that suits your project.

STEP 2: Upload an image from Dropbox and customize your mockup

Now that you've got your design assets saved. Let's get back to Smartmockups to upload an image. Via the "upload" button, click on Dropbox. You will be redirected to the website of your Dropbox account in which you have to search for the design asset you need. Press "Choose" button and crop your design asset accordingly.

Last but not least, customize the mockup according to your own needs. Depending on what kind of mockup you have chosen in the beginning (photo mockup or isolated mockup), you can naturally change the colour of the item, colour of the background and much more.

STEP 3: Download the final result

Once you are done with the customization, you can hit the download button and choose from different export qualities. Please note that the higher resolution you choose, the better quality you get.

And here you have it - a stunning high-quality product image created in just a couple of seconds with our Dropbox integration.

👉 Join thousands of Dropbox happy users!

Dropbox is the third most frequently used integration on our website as it saves a lot of time and make the organizational part of your work much smoother. Create your free account and trial our premium features for 7 days to get your hands on Dropbox integration.

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