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  • Jul 26th
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Let’s be honest: plain app screenshots usually don’t look all that exciting. You need to present your work so your client will have the ultimate mobile app user experience before the actual launch. This is where Smartmockups mobile app mockups can help you.

Do you build mobile apps for iOS, Android, or even Windows Phone? You probably want to showcase its sleek design or new features to your client, users, or stakeholders. Plain app screenshots typically aren’t eye-catching which is why you might want to consider creating using Smartmockups smartphone mockups.

What will you learn?

  1. What are smartphone mockups, and how can they help you?
  2. The different ways to make smartphone mockups
  3. Three simple ways to create them
  4. Examples of smartphone mockups you can create in seconds

1. What are smartphone mockups, and how can they help you?

Smartphone mockups are templates of devices. You can use them to present your mobile apps and display a replica of the final product. With Smartmockups phone mockups, your app will be placed in the context of a real device or a professional 3D render. Your clients will find it much easier to see how the app will look and work in real-life situations.

Smartmockups gives you the ability to create these stunning mobile app screenshots in up to 5K resolution. Even better, you’ll do it within one interface, with an unlimited number of downloads and without writing a single line of code.

2. The different ways to make mobile smartphone mockups

You're probably asking yourself, where do I start? There are many ways to create phone mockups. The first, and probably most traditional way, is to use a Cloud Creative software such as Adobe Photoshop. However, an easier and quicker way is with the Smartmockups product mockup generator. It gives you the possibility to create high-quality product mockups right inside your browser or on the go, even if you’re not a skilled designer. Let's look at the traditional way of doing mockups with Adobe Photoshop and the innovative way with Smartmockups mockup generator.

What is the difference between using Smartmockups and Adobe Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop

The most traditional way of creating mockups is by using Photoshop. You can shoot your own photos and convert them into a mockup or purchase all kinds of PSD files from several different websites. But there can be disadvantages in using Adobe Photoshop, especially for non-designers.

The disadvantages of using Photoshop

  • You need to purchase a license for Photoshop or another graphic design software
  • You have to search and buy each mockup
  • You need the knowledge and skills to edit the purchased mockup


With Smartmockups, you can create an unlimited number of phone mockups in just a few seconds. Simply choose the right mockup, upload your logo or image, customize the scene to your liking, and hit download. The interface is very easy to use, even if you’re not a skilled designer. You won't have any problems getting started or completing your professional mockup.

Note: 👉 It's even easier to get started using Smartmockups if you read our blog post first and then get down to the business!

The advantages of using Smartmockups

  • Many different mockups to choose from
  • Everything is super easy and fast
  • Customize the scene to fit your project
  • Export an unlimited number of mockups
  • No Photoshop or other software needed
  • You don’t need any special design skills or experience
  • Everything is online, wherever and whenever you need it

When comparing Adobe Creative Cloud Software and Smartmockups mockup generator; Smartmockups looks like a total win. It’s affordable, very easy to use and the huge library of high-resolution mockups will make your final design look stunning.

3. Three simple ways to create them

Smartphone mockups can be created in three easy steps. Follow the step-by-step guidelines below and create your first mockup in just a few clicks.

STEP 1: Choose the perfect smartphone mockup

You can choose from many different smartphone mockups. Decide if you want an isolated mockups with a changeable background or a photo mockup.

Note: 👉 Read our blog post about the differences between photo and isolated mockups.

STEP 2: Upload your logo or image and customize the scene

Upload your assets for each mobile app, adjust the size and position, and customize the scene. You can change the background or crop the entire area as you would like.

STEP 3: Download or share the final image in super-high resolution

Once your mockup is ready, you can download the image in super-high resolution or share it with a unique URL address. Easy, right? 😉

4. Examples of smartphone mockups you can create in seconds

iPhone mockup II

Samsung S21 mockup II

iPhone mockup

Samsung S21 mockup

📱 Defeat the competition and win top clients!

We hope this article has given you the tools to create visually appealing presentations of your mobile apps. Now, go get creating!

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