Turn your own photos into easy-to-use mockups

Turn your own photos into easy-to-use mockups

  • Jan 25th
  • 7 min read
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With our Custom mockup editor, you have the chance to turn your own photos and images into stunning product mockups. It's fast, easy and the final result looks stunning!

If you are one of those people like me, who have no idea how to turn their pictures into product mockups, are just not feeling like paying for an expensive license for any kind of design software and spend days watching Youtube tutorials, then our Custom mockup editor might help you with all your struggles!

What will you get out of this article?

  1. What is the Custom mockup editor and how it can help you?
  2. Step-by-step guide on how Custom mockup editor works
  3. Advanced settings for even better results
  4. Examples what you can get

1. What is the Custom mockup editor and how it can help you?

Our Custom mockup editor is a tool which gives you the opportunity to turn any uploaded image or photo into your own product mockup right inside your browser, without the need of any other software or skills. This is a never-seen tool on the market! The mockup editor works based on a technique of adding so-called placeholders onto a mockup to start rolling.

Note: The Custom mockup editor is a part of Pro and Team plans. When having purchased a Team plan, all custom mockups created can be shared within the whole team.

What is the "placeholder"?

Placeholder is an object inside your mockup scene which marks the place of where your own image or URL screenshot will go. Once the placeholder is adjusted, you can start using the mockup as you are usually accustomed.

As mentioned above, our Custom mockup editor is a tool that has not been seen on the market yet therefore we want our audience to make the most out of it by teaching you how to use the editor and by demonstrating which situations you may find it helpful to use in 😉 Let's have a look at the most common use cases:

  • Custom on-demand mockups - Take your next keynote to the next level and impress your client with custom-made mockups from their own office with their own hardware. All you have to do is to take a picture and you're ready to go.

  • Re-using your company assets - Have you spent thousands of dollars on a professional photoshoots or stock images but don't have enough skills to turn the images into product mockups? Save your time then! Use our Custom mockup editor to do that right inside your browser within few minutes.

  • Merchandising - Are you a company that specialises in producing merchandise for bands, influencers, celebrities etc.? With Custom mockup edtior, you can turn your own merchandise products into mockups so that next time when you need to place a different logo on the advertising product, you just simply change it using the mockup you made.

  • Image templates for your blog - A few days back, we were trying to figure out how to add a certain style to images we use in our blog posts. Thanks to the Custom mockup editor, we were able to create an editable templates that can be used by any team member at any time!

2. Step-by-step guide on how Custom mockup editor works

In the following step-by-step guide you will be taught how to create your own custom mockup. It should give you the overall idea of how to upload an image, add placeholder and mask the foreground items if needed. Let's jump straight into it!

STEP 1: Upload your own image and name the mockup

Every mockup needs to have a background image. It can be a photo that you downloaded from the internet or a transparent PNG (picture with an erased background). Make sure that the uploaded image is big enough so that the final mockup is able to be exported in high resolution. Hit that upload button and upload the image from your computer. You can also name the mockup in case you're not okay with the image's name.

STEP 2: Add placeholder and position its corners

Add placeholder onto the mockup scene and position its corners into the desired shape. Zoom in to set the placeholder as precise as you can so the final mockup looks great. Let's have a look at different ways how to add placeholder onto the mockup scene:

  • Presets: Choose one of our presets with specific resoltuion or dimensions (e.g. iPhone X, A4 Paper etc.)

  • Calculate automatically: With this option the placeholder size will be calculated automatically based on position of its corners. Keep in mind that it can be less accurate with bigger transformations.

  • Add custom size: In case you know the exact size or resolution of the mockup object.

STEP 3: Mask rounded corners and overlay items if needed

Sometimes you might need for example rounded corners or there is something (e.g. thumb) covering the object inside your product mockup. No worries, our masking tool enables you to erase/paint any part of the placeholder in the scene.

STEP 4: Save the scene & enjoy!

Hit that "save" button and there you have it! Your first custom mockup is ready to be used. All your custom mockups are being saved in your "Custom mockups" library so you can always come back and used it. In case you need to adjust few details, simply click the three-dot icon and edit the mockup itself.

3. Advanced settings for even better results

Sometimes you need more than just a plain placeholder, right? Advanced settings were made to give you the opportunity to make the final result look even better. See advanced settings below and create even more professional looking mockups.


Foreground image

Upload foreground image to add a topper image layer if needed. This can be a device reflection, thumb over the screen or basically anything you need to place over the placeholder. Foreground image should be always a transparent PNG of the same size as the background image.


Multiply blending mode

With multiply blending mode, you can make your mockup look even more realistic. Let's say you would like to place your own logo onto an enamel mug. Once you turn on the multiply blending mode, the white background of the logo will disappear and you will immediately notice how the logo blends in with the surface of the mug.

4. See what you can get

Custom A Custom B Custom C

🤔 Ready to create your first custom mockup?

This overview was supposed to give you an idea on how to create your first custom mockup using our mockup editor. Hopefully, you now know how to turn your own images into professional looking product mockups. Let's do it!

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