Tips how to start using mockups history!

Tips how to start using mockups history!

  • Apr 15th
  • 4 min read
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One of the highly requested features has been added! Turn on the mockup history in your settings and have your mockups automatically saved every single time you create them so you can come back for a final re-edit!

Do you recall the situation when you are in the middle of creating your mockup and the browser just crashes? Isn't that the time when you are filled with so much anger that you would open a window and say goodbye to your computer? Well, we all have been there but with our mockups history, you can totally save your computer that additional flying moment and have mockups stored as you go. 😉

What will you learn?

  1. How to start saving your mockups
  2. How the mockups history works

1. How to start saving your mockups

Smartmockups mockups history is a brand new feature available for all PRO plan members that enables you to browse through your previously made mockups. This feature is completely accessible depending on your own choice therefore if you feel that having your mockups saved is simply not the feature you need at the moment, you can turn it off.

Note: When purchasing our annual PRO plan, you can save up to 35% off and get your hands on 1650+ high resolution mockups, custom mockup editor, your branding feature and much more.

So how do you actually get started though? It's super easy!👌 All you have to do is to follow the three steps down below:

  • Go to the settings of your account on
  • Click on your preferences
  • Turn on the button manually to enable the mockups history start saving your mockups (this is also where you can casually turn off the feature as well)

Now that all your settings have been successfully set up, there is nothing that is holding you back from getting back to your work to finish all your projects.

2. How the mockups history works

The great aspect about the mockups history is that it all works automatically and is super intuitive. There is no need for you to manually click several buttons to save the mockup. Everything works on its own! Your mockups will be saved a couple of times while you work on them. Eventually the system is going to save your mockup one last time in its final form. That is exactly how all mockups will be stored at all times.

Ever since we launched the feature, we have been receiving a lot of positive comments which is amazing! Therefore it can only be cool from us to give you additional tips how to maximize the usage of this feature.

Tips on how to use Smartmockups mockups history:

Have a place where to store your portfolio

Smartmockups mockups history can be a great feature for all designers who are just about to launch their own online portfolio. This is where you can keep all your mockups stored before the actual launch! Super convenient and easy.

Know the date when you saved your mockup

Do you have your tasks and projects planned out? Our mockups history might help you with that! Knowing which day exactly you saved your mockup on can help you to manage your time even better and finish all projects right on time.

Super easy to come back and add final touches or re-edit

If you had moments of an absolute break down while creating mockups just because your site would crash or you would accidentally save the mockup in a form which you initially didn't want, then we've got you covered. 😉 You can easily come back to them to add final touches and re-edit.

Delete mockups you don't need

Is there a mockup in your history that you just don't need to be saved? Get to your mockups history settings and delete those which are not your favourites. 😊

🔥 All your mockups have been saved!

Head over to Smartmockups to finally save all your mockups and improve workflow ten times more! Let us know how you have been enjoying the experience! We would love to hear the feedback!

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