Smartmockups is joining the Canva family

  • Feb 22nd
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We're so excited to announce that Smartmockups is joining Canva, the most loved graphic design platform in the world.

Lukas and I first launched Smartmockups to the world a little over 4 years ago. At the time, it started out as a side project we’d work on over the weekend while juggling our full-time jobs. We were both looking for a tool to present our website and app designs to clients in a professional way but couldn’t find a solution to meet all of our needs without being overly expensive or far too complicated. Having discovered this gap in the market, we set out to build our own platform which would be simple to use without requiring a huge time investment or expensive software – this is where the idea of Smartmockups was born.

Ondřej Lukáš IV Andrew and Lukas, the co-founders of Smartmockups

Looking back, the first iteration of Smartmockups was quite basic – we had only a few mockups and launched the product with only the essential features, yet to our surprise, people from all around the world were loving it. We received an overwhelming amount of support and feedback from thousands of people within the first week of launching, including an appearance on the front page of both ProductHunt and HackerNews, attracting more than 100,000 visitors from all over the world. While we were nowhere near ready for that level of interest, the positive response and overwhelming support signalled the strong demand for simple and accessible visual mockup software.

Lukas and I continued to invest more and more time into the product, spending entire weekends and any spare time outside of our full-time jobs to add new mockups and continue building out the features people were requesting. While we were fortunate to be growing so quickly, it took more than a year before we were able to quit our full-time jobs to focus our undivided attention on Smartmockups. Two years later, we soon realised it wasn’t feasible for the two of us to build the product alone. We were quickly becoming an established startup and working across everything from product development to customer service enquiries while adjusting our business model to continue accelerating our work.

With the growing number of users and requests for new features piling in from all around the world, we hired the very first members of the Smartmockups team. With full-time employees now onboard, things started to progress at an unprecedented pace – we were able to release a whole variety of new mockup templates and start building on the features our community were requesting. One of the most highly requested features in this list was an integration with Canva.

It was then that we realised a large portion of our users were also creating designs with Canva, and so we got to work on the very first version of our integration which allowed users to upload their Canva designs into Smartmockups using a manual URL. In hindsight, while it was a slightly clunky and tedious process, our community loved it. Not only was it a quick way to visualise Canva designs on real mockups, but it also seemed like a natural way to supplement Canva’s existing design tools. We knew right away that we had stumbled upon an opportunity we couldn’t ignore, and so we reached out to the Canva team to take our integration to the next level.

In the early 2019, we worked with Canva to release a more direct integration which allowed Smartmockups users to create mockups using their Canva designs without having to manually download or link their designs.

Users from around the world were loving the integration, and before we knew it, millions of mockups were being created using designs made with Canva. From t-shirts to mugs, phone cases, posters, magazines, books and a whole lot more; creating designs with Canva and then visualising them with Smartmockups was a perfect fit.

A few months later the Smartmockups team was invited to meet the Canva team in person at their headquarters in Sydney, Australia, to discuss further improvements to the integration. Within a week of working together, we took the next step by not only providing an integration for Smartmockusp users, but to Canva’s 40 million users around the globe. Today, every Canva user can visualise their design on a mockup without having to switch platforms. Our team of 5 quickly grew to more than 10 full-time employees as demand and usage skyrocketed through Canva’s global reach. The integration was churning out thousands of mockups a day – from individual content creators setting up online stores to enterprise organisations designing merchandise and custom products, the sky was the limit and we had no plans to slow down.

Today, we’re excited to take the next step in our journey after being officially acquired by Canva. Looking back, it’s crazy to think about how quickly Smartmockups grew from a hobby project to a globally recognised solution for creating professional mockups with the click of a button. Together with Canva, we’re looking forward to doubling down on the work we’ve been doing over the last few years while exploring new opportunities and innovation across the Smartmockups platform.

Smartmockups will continue to serve our new and existing customers while working alongside the Canva team to grow and expand our collective potential. Together with our shared mission of making complex things simple, we’ll be able to accelerate our mission and take the Smartmockups story even further – from expanding our mockup library to opening opportunities for new photography and a range of features designed to make the mockup creation easier than ever before.

Thank you for your support, enthusiasm and passion throughout our journey so far. We couldn’t have done it without you, and we’re looking forward to achieving so much more together in the future.

– Andrew, Lukas and the Smartmockups team

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