Photos vs. isolated mockups: What's the difference?

  • Feb 10th
  • 4 min read
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Ever asked yourself what exactly is the difference between a photo and an isolated mockup? With this post, we'll break down everything you need to know about these types of mockups.

Our mockup library is divided into technology, print, apparel, packaging, home & living and social media mockups. Within our library, you can also filter the results by using the search tool and tags. In this blog post we're going to explain the differences between photo and isolated mockups and show you how to use them on Smartmockups.

What will you learn?

  1. What are photo mockups and how can you customize them?
  2. What are isolated mockups and how can you customize them?

Blog Photo vs Isolated Photo

1. What are photo mockups and how you can customize them?

Photo mockups represent high-resolution realistic images, mostly photos or 3D renders, of different products captured in real-life situations. Imagine that you are sitting outside on a bench scrolling through your phone. If a photographer came up and took a photo of your smartphone over your shoulder, then that image could be turned into a photo mockup.

The main aspects of Smartmockups’ photo mockups:

  • Real-life photos or realistic 3D renders
  • Up to 5K high resolution exports
  • Limited customization options (no changeable background)

After uploading your image from the computer and letting Smartmockups’ tools place your design on the mockup item, you’ll notice the customization options for photo mockups are limited. For example, if you’re using a t-shirt mockup you can change the color or add a realistic fabric. However, with most photo mockups you aren’t able to change the background as this element is already set.

PRO members can also turn on the "Your branding" watermark to add your own logo to mockups.

Blog Photo vs Isolated Isolated B

2. What are isolated mockups and how can you customize them?

Isolated mockups are product images that simply show the product. You can freely customize the background with an isolated mockup. At Smartmockups, all isolated mockups have a transparent background and are in PNG file format. Because of this, your mockup’s background is completely changeable. You decide if you want to keep the background transparent, add a plain background color, a colorful gradient, upload your own image or pick one of the 550,000+ free stock images from Unsplash.

Along with a changeable background, there are many other ways to customize isolated mockups. One of the most popular is the changeable item color. With this feature, you can change the color of the mockup itself (for example the color of the t-shirt, mug, business card, etc.)

Other options available include different mockup styles. This could be a male or female hand holding a greeting card, or perhaps the surface of an isolated mug mockup where you can choose a glossy or matte option. There are plenty of possibilities with isolated mockups so take your time and explore what each mockup has to offer.

The main aspects of Smartmockups’ isolated mockups:

  • Real-life photos with transparent backgrounds or 3D renders
  • Changeable background with multiple options
  • Full customization options with different styles
  • Up to 5K high resolution exports

The differences between photos and isolated mockups are pretty clear. Whether you need a transparent PNG mockup for your website or keynote or a real-life situation showing someone holding a smartphone, Smartmockups has got you covered. We work hard to produce fresh mockups and create new ways for you to customize each one so you can design perfect images no matter the project.

�##Ready to use our photo and isolated mockups# # Ready to use our photo and isolated mockups?

We hope this article helped define the differences between these mockups and the benefits each one has to offer. We believe using our vast mockup library and the customization options available will help bring your designs to life.

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