News digest #8: Localization, #FrontRow2019, high-resolution GIFs and MP4 videos, much faster interface, blog posts and much more!

News digest #8: Localization, #FrontRow2019, high-resolution GIFs and MP4 videos, much faster interface, blog posts and much more!

  • Aug 31st
  • 2 min read
  • #  Monthly digest

Summer is almost over but we are not stopping! Check out our brand new monthly digest to know the latest features, mockups and update releases.

Welcome to our monthly digest! 👋

For this one, we've got a couple of exciting things to share with you!

First of all, Smartmockups was released in four different languages last week with a plan for more languages being added soon! 🥳 Secondly, you will be able to spot Smartmockups at one of the most exciting digital conferences of the year with many of the largest design influencers - Frontrow 2019 - that will be live-streamed on 4th October! 😉 Scroll down below to secure your spot and support this awesome event! Last but not least, a couple of improvements were made to help you to create your mockups even faster!

Would you like to see some more? Simply scroll down to read the latest info 👇👇👇

New features that help you create even better product mockups online

Frontrow blog

🔥 Smartmockups is sponsoring #Frontrow2019

The most exciting digital conference of the year with the world's biggest design influencers will be live-streamed on 4th October and Smartmockups will be there as well! 👉 Secure your spot!

vlajky blog

🗣 Localization

Use Smartmockups in three different languages - German, French and Spanish! More languages are coming your way soon! 😉

GIFs blog

🔥 High-resolution GIFs & MP4 videos!

Export your mockups in GIF or MP4 format in a super high-resolution! Please note that the bigger the resolution you choose, the more time it takes.

gif blog

🚀 Faster interface

Upload options and our crop tool now work much faster than ever to help you create your mockup in just a couple of seconds. Try it on your own!

Mockups August II

🔥 60+ new digital mockups have been added

Check out all new mockups on our website!

🙏 Show us your mockups and follow us on our social media channels!

We are actively reposting your creations on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Tag us in using #madewithsmartmockups for your chance to get featured! Also don't forget to follow us to stay up to date with new mockups and features.

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