News digest #4: Placeholders update, Canva bug fix, YouTube video & much more.

News digest #4: Placeholders update, Canva bug fix, YouTube video & much more.

  • Apr 30th
  • 2 min read
  • #  Monthly digest

Four weeks have gone by so quickly and we all know what is ahead of us. It is time for a brand new monthly digest brought to you by Smartmockups team about everything that we have made possible in the last month.

April was a month in the name of making your requests come true. We particularly focused on fixing issues you guys might have had while playing around with Smartmockups. We added stunning mockups into our mockup library and there is a bunch we are very proud of - our Smartmockups line of apparel mockups! Enjoy using these a lot for your projects. And what is next then? We've got a lot planned for the upcoming month in terms of the new look of our home page and many other updates. Please stay tuned!

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New features that help you create even better product mockups online

Notification Flatlay Apparel

👕 Flatlay apparel mockups

We have released long-awaited bundle with flatlay apparel mockups including t-shirts, hoodies and tanks from popular Bella+Canvas brand.

Notification Canva

🔨 Canva bug fixes

Taking a screenshot from Canva using a URL link is now much faster! On top of that, you can copy and paste the same URL links that have different design assets without experiencing any bugs.

Notification Custom Mockups

👀 Empty placeholders will not be visible

In case of mockups with more placeholders, you can upload only some to get the final image ready. Other empty placeholders on the scene will not be visible in the final download.

Mockups April

🔥 70+ new digital, print & apparel mockups have been added

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