New feature in Smartmockups: Magic Upload

  • Mar 8th
  • 3 min read
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Make the most out of your Smartmockups experience with the new feature that will save you time during the image upload process.

Our goal at Smartmockups is to help you create stunning mockup images quickly without a need of any additional graphic design software. With Magic upload feature, we're doubling down on the mission to help you create mockups even faster.

What will you learn about?

  1. How does Magic upload work?

1. How does Magic upload work?

A single-click magic for uploading your images. That's what Magic upload, a brand new image upload experience, is about. It offers a set of automatic settings for the design during the image upload process. With just one click of a button, Smartmockups will handle the whole image upload process - from fitting the design and choosing the object color to generating a color palette of five dominant colors.

How to get started

Simply start by clicking the Upload from button and uploading the image to experience the magic for yourself.

Once image is uploaded, Smartmockups will automatically place your design on the mockup item and choose the color of the object.

Further adjustments of the design

If you want to place the design into a different area of the mockup item, click the pen icon. The pen icon can be found in the images tab right next to the red trash icon.

Once clicked, the crop tool will pop up and this is where you can further adjust the settings of the uploaded design.

There are four new stretch controls that influence what else you can do with the design (e.g. alignment, rotation, flip, zoom), and they help ensure the most realistic result:

  1. Custom - any manual change of size, rotation or flip is possible
  2. Fill - by choosing fill, Smartmockups will resize the design to fill the screen area fully
  3. Fit - with fit controls, Smartmockups will resize the design to fit whole image into the screen area
  4. Stretch - by choosing stretch, image will be stretched to follow the screen area aspect ratio. The design can't be rotated but can be flipped.

Color palette of five dominant colors

Magic upload is also going to generate a color palette of five dominant colors for you. The color palette was generated out of your uploaded design and makes it easy for you to choose color of the object.

Click choose color of the object to find the newly generated color palette.

Magic Upload new color palette

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