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  • Mar 18th
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Looking for a professional, yet easy way to pitch your stunning social media campaigns to clients? Awesome! Smartmockups social media mockups will help you create the stunning, shareable images you desire.

Social media plays a big role in the activities of many people, but also many businesses. According to DataReportal, as of October 2021, there were 4.55 billion social media users globally. That’s a whole lot of potential customers and clients! If you are a graphic designer interested in helping companies create stunning social media designs, this is an amazing opportunity for you. And Smartmockups is here to help you create a professional portfolio showcasing your best work.

What will you learn?

  1. What are social media mockups, and how can they help you?
  2. Who will benefit from using social media mockups?
  3. Examples of social media campaigns
  4. How to create social media mockups

1. What are social media mockups, and how can they help you?

Social media mockups are templates of social media posts and pages which show what a particular asset might look like on different platforms. There are a variety of social media mockups to choose from on Smartmockups, divided based on which social media platform you’re interested in.

Five main categories to choose from:

  • Instagram (Instagram post, Instagram story, Instagram video, Instagram carousel)
  • Facebook (Facebook page, Facebook post, Facebook link, Facebook carousel)
  • Twitter (Twitter profile, Tweet)
  • Youtube (Youtube channel)
  • Pinterest (Pin)

Social media mockups will help you show off design assets to your clients. If there’s a social media mockup you’d like to see in our mockup library, let us know! Send an email to or tell us on our social media channels. ✌️

2. Who will benefit from using social media mockups?

Who are the people who believe social media mockups are super useful and beneficial? Certainly you, as you’re reading this article, but there are two other groups who can use mockups to further their business goals.

✏️ Freelancers, graphic designers, creatives

Are you a freelancer, graphic designer or creative who focuses mainly on content production for social media channels? Great! Smartmockups social media mockups are a perfect addition to your design tool kit. Smartmockups social media mockups provide you with the ability to present assets on existing screenshots of various social media channels. This will give your client an insight into what the campaign might look like once it's released. With the ability to present authentic content, you’ll be able to get the client approval you need; not to mention a stunning portfolio that'll help you win great clients.

🚀 Marketing agencies

As the owner of a marketing agency, you probably frequently find yourself shifting between projects for different clients. You probably also would like a new and sophisticated way to present final campaign design ideas. Sending plain social media posts is very outdated and won't give the client an understanding of how the campaign will look when it goes live. Instead, impress your client with an innovative way of presenting campaign ideas. Smartmockups is the place to get high-resolution social media mockups for your projects, with a goal of having the campaign approved.

These mockups are not only ideal for designers, creatives, and marketers but also for influencers. Influencers use mockups to plan the aesthetic of their feed in advance. The sky's the limit and we believe that for all the situations mentioned above, and many others, mockups can make your workflow effective and your work persuasive. Even better, using Smartmockups is super easy and saves loads of time and money.

3. Examples of social media campaigns

You already know what social media mockups are, what they are good for and who will benefit from using them. Now, let’s take a deep dive into some examples of situations creatives might find themselves in and the social media campaigns that might be the answer.

Blog Social Instagram

Instagram campaign for an online fashion store

Let's say your marketing agency has recently gained a lucrative client who happens to be the owner of the largest online fashion store in your country. The client needs a full-on branding campaign and since their target audience are avid Instagram users, you have decided to launch an Instagram campaign. With social media mockups, you can easily prepare the assets that will represent the campaign on Instagram.

Blog Social Facebook

Facebook campaign for a local restaurant

A famous restaurant chain is about to open a new branch in the local area. For the upcoming launch, they are looking for a special campaign that will target local food enthusiasts. The idea is to encourage as many people as possible to come for a visit. As a graphic designer, you have all the details needed to come up with the campaign ideas for the client's Facebook page. With Smartmockups social media mockups, you can share your campaign strategy with the client so they’ll know exactly what to expect once it goes live.

Launching a YouTube channel

Your client is a brand who’s decided they want to do a series of how-to videos about their product on YouTube. You need to design the YouTube channel’s page and the creatives in support of these videos. Using YouTube mockups from Smartmockups you can quickly present a selection of options for your client to choose from.

👉 Hot YouTube tip: Check out these free YouTube logo maker recommendations from Design Hub to take your YT channel to the next level.

Can you feel what a lifesaver social media mockups are? Stand out from the crowd and forget about sending plain social media assets or bad quality screenshots. Smartmockups has your back and you are now on track to win your dream clients!

YouTube mockups with transparent background

4. How to create social media mockups

Smartmockups social media mockups can be created quickly and easily, right inside your browser. Follow the tutorial below to learn how to create yours in three simple steps. Helpful tips and tricks included!

STEP 1: Choose the perfect social media mockup

Are you preparing a social media campaign for your client's Instagram account? Great, you can choose from an Instagram post, Instagram carousel, Instagram story or Instagram video mockup. Are you preparing a full online brand identity for your client featuring different social media channels? We’ve got a mix of social media mockups.

Let's say we want to prepare a campaign for Instagram and I want to start with an Instagram post mockup.

STEP 2: Upload and customize your mockup

For designing your asset for a social media campaign, we highly recommend using Canva along with Smartmockups. There are numerous ready-to-go templates to choose from and the dimensions are already set for each social media platform. Super convenient, right? Don't forget that Smartmockups has a Canva integration so when your Canva design is ready, you can simply publish it to Smartmockups and preview it on all 8,000+ mockups available in our library.

STEP 3: Download the final result

That's it! Now you can download the final mockup scene by hitting the "Download" button. You can choose from 3 different resolutions but remember, the higher the resolution you choose, the better image quality you get.

👩‍💻 Step up your game to win top clients!

Now you know how to create social media mockups and how they’ll benefit your business. Sign up for Smartmockups and then get out there to start presenting social media campaign ideas like a pro and winning top clients.

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