Introducing Custom mockup editor 2.0

  • Jul 22nd
  • 6 min read
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The ultimate solution for turning ANY product photo & 3D render into a mockup without any design knowledge or skill!

Completely rebuilt and redesigned to help you turn product photos of mugs, t-shirts, packaging, cosmetics, outdoor signs - basically of ANY product into a mockup without playing with multiple layers, files and settings. In this video, we are going to introduce you how the custom mockup editor 2.0 works and how to use it in practise for different product items.

What will you learn?

  1. How does the editor work?
  2. Universal step-by-step guide
  3. Whom is the editor for?
  4. How to turn 5 different product photos into mockups?

1. How does the editor work?

With the custom mockup editor 2.0, you get the possibility of creating an endless variety of product mockups that are 3D objects, have rounded shapes and corners without actually knowing a single thing about design or any other graphic design editor.

It has been completely rebuilt & redesigned to improve the experience of turning different product photos into mockups. All you need to get started designing your mockup is a simple product photo or 3D render that you can either purchase online, take yourself using a camera or render yourself.

Then you are going to add a placeholder (placeholder is a 3D mesh that you use to mark the printing area where you later on upload your design), shape it according to the item and save your creation! Yes, it is that easy!

Note: this feature is available for PRO & Team Smartmockups plans

Custom mockup editor 2.0

Custom mockup editor overview screencast

To help you understand what the interface of the custom mockup editor looks like and how the usage works, here's quick overview on what can be done using the editor together with a universal step-by-step guide. You can choose a specific size of the eplaceholder that will fit your item accurately. You can use our masking tool to erase the unwanted parts of thee placeholder or use the masking tool to paint them back.

Further feature explanations:

3D mesh warp

This feature of the custom mockup editor enables 3D surface of the placeholder. Easily speaking - 3D mesh warp adds more draggable dots to the grid which helps you to shape the placeholder into any shapre possible. More on the 3D mesh warp can be found in our youtube videos.

Multiply blending mode

By turning the multiply blending mode on, you can create a more realistic final mockup than ever! It helps the placeholder to become transparent which later on illuminates all highlights and shadows that peak through the uploaded design. So if you are creating a white item, you always want to have the multiply blending mode on. In fact, Smartmockups can detect the color of the item for you and if the color is white, then the multiply blending mode will be automatically turned on for you. Watch our video in which we turn a mug image into a mockup to know more about the multiply blending mode.

Overlay image

With the Overlay image, you can add a image topper layer for better final results. It can be a thumb over the screen, screen glare or anything else placed on top of the item. All you need to do to add your topper image layer is to create the layer in a graphic editor of your choice, save it as .PNG and then upload it to the editor in the Overlay image section.

2. Universal step-by-step guide

To get a hang of how to work step-by-step with the custom mockup editor 2.0, here's a very short universal guide to help you understand. Once you read on further, you will know how to apply this universal guide on different product photos & 3D renders.

STEP 1: Upload your product photo/3D render

Upload image

Use your own product photos or 3D renders to upload them to the editor.

STEP 2: Set placeholders

Set placeholders

Add placeholders and edit the mesh with our brand new 3D edit mode.

STEP 3: Mask unwanted items

Mask unwanted parts

With the eraser tool, you can erase unwanted parts of the placeholder.

3. Whom is the editor for?

The brand new custom mockup editor is very suitable for different types of audiences and here are our TOP ones that should be looking at the custom mockup editor right now.

Individual creators & sellers

As an individual creator or seller, you are probably selling products with custom branding or art. By using the custom mockup editor, you can turn your own assets into mockups and reuse them on any marketplace you need without the need of photoshooting every single product individually.

Companies, startups & digital agencies

Anyone from your team can create an unlimited number of custom and truly professional previews for customers, users or clients regardless of having a single knowledge of design or any other Creative Cloud Software.

4. How to turn 5 different product photos into mockups

We have compiled a list of 5 different product items and recorded walkthrough video tutorials to show you how to turn such items into mockups using the new custom mockup editor. In each of the videos, you will also learn how to use different features of the editor that we already mentioned above (e.g. 3D mesh warp, Multiply Blending mode etc.).

iPhone X product photo

What you'll learn in this video:

  • How to use placeholder presets
  • How to erase the placeholder
  • How to use Magnetic brush to fill in placeholder according to your phone screen

Multiple Device render

What you'll learn in this video:

  • How to name your placeholder
  • How to name your mockup
  • How to add more placeholders
  • Order of the overlaping placeholders

Mug product photo

What you'll learn in this video:

  • How to enable 3D surface
  • What is the Multiply Blending Mode
  • How to simulate the front area of the mug

T-shirt image

What you'll learn in this video:

  • How to enable 3D surface
  • How to simulate the body shape
  • How to use Magnetic Brush for t-shirts

Product photo of cosmetics

What you'll learn in this video:

  • How to enable 3D surface
  • How to simulate a cosmetics tube
  • How to use Magnetic Brush cosmetics tubes

Final results

Multi device render mockup

Mug mockup

Tshirt mockup

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