How does Smartmockups work?

How does Smartmockups work?

  • Jan 9th
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Learn how to create mockups within just a few seconds and create an unlimited number of stunning product screenshots even if you're not a skilled designer.

Not everyone has got the knowledge and skills to work with Adobe Creative Cloud software. It can take hours to learn how to use them and another set of hours to actually start putting your ideas into final designs. Why don't you just save up that time? Smartmockups can make your life way easier with its stunning interface and possibility to create modern-looking and clean digital content with minimum effort.

What will you learn?

  1. What is Smartmockups?
  2. Whom is it for and how it can help me?
  3. Create your first mockup with our step-by-step guide
  4. What our users & media says about Smartmockups?

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1. What is Smartmockups?

Smartmockups is a free product mockup generator that offers the possibility to create realistically looking product screenshots right inside your browser or even on the go with our Smartmockups app (for Windows and Mac). Both tools give you the ability to upload an image (supported image formats are PNG or JPG) into pre-made mockup templates and customize each scene to your liking.

Mockups are divided into three main categories:

  • Digital mockups (smartphones, desktops, laptops, tablets, TVs and other tech devices)

  • Print mockups (brochures, magazines, books, posters, business cards and other stationery)

  • Apparel mockups (t-shirts, hoodies, caps and other clothing)

The ever-growing mockup library consists of more than 1600 mockups with new templates coming every single week. It's a mixture of professional photo mockups and isolated images. What's the difference between those two? When speaking about photo mockups, imagine having a high-resolution photo of an iPhone X being used whereas an isolated image shows a picture where you can see just the product itself with an erased (or changeable) background.

2. Whom is it for and how it can help me?

There is no limit to who can use the online tool. Our customers range from graphic amateurs through design professionals to owners of marketing agencies and studios. However, the initial idea of launching Smartmockups was to create a platform which can save up time for graphic designers and marketing agencies with their activities. Nowadays, the online tool is being used by thousands of customers worldwide who had been enjoying the easy creation of product mockups.

3. Create your first mockup with our step-by-step guide

Have no idea how to use Smartmockups? No big deal. It's for free with a stunning interface so you won't have any issues. Let's have a look at how to use the tool and collections of free product mockups.

To get started and create your first mockup, go to where you can start creating right inside your browser or download our desktop app. With Free account you have an access to 200 free mockups and basic features in a single-user account.

Once you are feeling that you want more, start your 7-day free trial and get a full access to all features and complete mockup library with over 1600 product mockups. Unfortunately, premium product mockups exported within our trial will have a small watermark on them to avoid any misuses and to protect the authors of the images.

So, enough boring theory, let's jump right into creating your very first mockup!

STEP 1: Choose the right mockup

First things first. You will need to choose the right mockup to complete your project. Currently, there are more than 1600 mockups so the process of choosing the right one shouldn't be an issue. As mentioned above, product mockups are all categorized (digital, print, and apparel mockups) so if you know exactly what you are looking for then just simply filter the wanted result by using the left navigation and tags.

STEP 2: Upload an image or grab a screenshot from URL

Now that we have found the mockup fitting the project, let's see what we can do next. You can either upload your own image (supported image formats are PNG and JPG) or grab a screenshot from URL address.

Uploading an image

Images can be uploaded from your computer or from third-party integrations such as Canva, Marvel or Dropbox. Once you have uploaded your image, you can crop the image into the desired final result using our crop tool. It's perfect for setting up a part of the image which you want to showcase.

URL screenshot

In case you do not have your image files nearby and need to upload a realistic overview of a website, you can grab a screenshot from URL link. With additional features like browser window, that will add a browser tab bar over the image, full page capture that will capture the whole website and screenshot delay, that allows you to capture all kinds of animations and assets that need more time to load, you can be sure that the screenshot will look exactly as you wish. Please note that these additional features might take a few seconds to load depending on the website speed.

STEP 3: Mockup customization

Play with it! Change the color of the background or use gradient. Brand you mockup by adding your own logo or save your company colors for the next project. Change the color of the device or t-shirt or even choose whether you want male or female hands in the mockup if possible. Just simply have fun creating and playing around with the customization until you are happy with the result. Each mockup offers different customization options so make sure you get the most out of every single mockup.

STEP 4: Download the image

You've come to an end! Click the "download" button, choose the accurate resolution you need and download the mockup in super-high resolution up to 5K. Exported mockups are perfect addition to your company keynote, product portfolio, social media, blog posts and other promo things you can imagine.

Take a look what the final mockups can look like:

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What our users think about Smartmockups?

Smartmockups has been a favourite online tool for thousands of customers and corporations since its launch – Google, Salesforce, Toptal, Capital One, Bang&Olufsen just to name a few. Well, it's always better to let our customers speak for themselves:

“I just bought it and I love it. Easily the best tool for mockups I have encountered ever.” - Mo Mosby, Product Hunter customer

“Saves us a lot of time creating awesome mockups to use to demonstrate new sites to clients.” - Mark Cherry, founder of Green Stripe Media

“I love using this app and I wish I had my hands on it much earlier in my career, it really is super quick & simple to use!” - Jacob Cass, founder of JUST™ Creative

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