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  • Mar 8th
  • 4 min read
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Say bye to Favourite mockups and welcome User collections - a new concept to help you group mockups into collections in Smartmockups.

There are over 6 000 mockups available on Smartmockups. The number increases with new mockup releases and so does the time spent searching through each mockup category to find the mockup you need. This is why we designed User collections to help you group mockups into collections according to your needs and save them for the future.

What will you learn about?

  1. User collections
  2. How to create a collection in Smartmockups
  3. How to add mockups to collections
  4. Where to find all of your collections

1. User collections

You may have heard of Favourite mockups feature before - the possibility to mark your mockups as favourites. Based on the user feedback we figured, that our users needed a way how to group mockups into collections so that their content stays organized in one place and can be used later. We listened and designed User collections to make your Smartmockups experience even more delightful.

Imagine a situation in which you are working on multiple different design projects at the same time. Organizing your design assets accordinly is a key to help you stay on your grind and meet deadlines. With User collections, you can create collections, name them based on the project you are working on and group desired mockups into these collections. This will help you to determine what mockups you want to use for what projects.

2. How to create a collection in Smartmockups

Every single Smartmockups user with a registered account can now enjoy User Collections.

To get started, log in to your Smartmockups account and choose a mockup category you want to start searching through.

Hover over mockups in the mockup library and click + collect icon. In the panel with collection settings, click create new collection to name your brand new collection. Once named, hit create a collection button.

3. How to add mockups to a collection

Adding new mockups to your collection is very simple and follows the same steps you have already learnt from the previous paragraph.

While you are searchinig through the mockup library, hover over the mockup and click + collect icon. From the collections tab, simply choose the collection you want to add your mockup to and click it. A checkmark with blue overlay indicated that you have added mockup to the collection.

4. Where to find all of your collections

All of the collections you ever create are stored in Smartmockups for your later use. You don't have to worry about losing them.

To access them, click on the avatar of your account in the upper right-hand corner and choose "My collections" from the Dropdown menu.

This is where you are going to see all your previously made collections but can also create new ones.

Rename collections

Collections that you create can be named, renamed or deleted anytime needed. To rename your collection, go to My collections tab in Smartmockups and click collection you wish to rename.

In the right-hand side part of the tab, you are going to see Rename button that is going to allow you to rename your collection. Type in the new name of the collection and confirm the change.

Delete collections

In the same way, you can delete your collection anytime you are done with a particular project or whenever you just want to. In My collections tab, click the collection you want to delete. In the right-hand side part of the tab, you are going to see red trash icon. Click it and you are going to be asked to confirm the delete process. Once the collection is deleted it can't be restored.

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