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  • Nov 8th
  • 3 min read
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Make the most out of your Smartmockups experience with our latest PRO feature that enables you to download collected mockups in bulk.

Smartmockups was built to give everyone the ability to quickly and easily create professional-looking mockups. Our mockup tool is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our users and be the world’s number 1 product mockup generator. That’s why we value every suggestion and idea that comes our way. We’re beyond excited to announce that one of the most requested features - Bulk mockup download - is now live for PRO users!

What will you learn?

  1. What is Bulk mockup download
  2. Step-by-step guide

1. What is Bulk mockup download?

Picture this. You design t-shirts. You’ve got a great new design and are excited to show it off. Ideally, you want to use this design on a lot of different mockups including men and women models, plus some isolated renders. You’ve chosen your favorite mockups and they are waiting for you in Your collections.

Before, you’d have to upload your design individually to each mockup and then download them as a single file. With Bulk mockup download, you upload your design once, and we automatically place it on every mockup you’ve saved in Your collections. You simply hit download and you’ll get a full package of the Collection with your design as a .zip file.

2. Step-by-step guide

Let’s look at how to use this feature more in depth.

Before you start:

  • Log in to your Smartmockups PRO account
  • Make sure you have saved mockups in Your collections--the bulk download feature applies to this mockup selection.

👉 Unfamiliar with how to group mockups into collections in Smartmockups? Read this blog post .

STEP 1: Go to Your collections

STEP 2: Choose a mockup collection

STEP 3: Upload a design to all mockups in the collection

STEP 4: Click download to download mockups from the entire collection

How easy was that? In mere seconds you have a whole collection of professional mockups featuring your latest design. They’re now ready to be uploaded to an online shop, shared on social media, or presented to a client.

What do you think of the Bulk mockup download feature? We’d love your feedback and how you made it work for you.

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