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  • Mar 4th
  • 4 min read
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Than ever! We have teamed up with Canva to bring all users of Smartmockups a brand new Canva integration. 🥳

This long-awaited partnership is the one we cherish a lot at Smartmockups! A couple of months back we got in touch with the team from Canva with a very innocent request - to work on content together and help users create visually appealing design templates for mockups. Another couple of months back and we are finally able to show you what we have been working on together.

You will now be able to save Canva design templates to Smartmockups and get a live preview of the design on all our mockups in the library to finish your mockup creation. What a life-saver!

What will you get out of this article?

  1. How to set up Canva integration?
  2. How to leverage Canva integration even more

1. How to set up Canva integration?

The brand new Canva integration represents an ultimate upload of design templates to your stunning mockups super easy and fast. The integration is available for all users of Smartmockups and there are different ways how you can get the most out of it. To set up your Canva integration, start by creating your Canva design first.

Create a design in Canva

To get started, login to your Canva account and start creating your design. Choose one from the millions of Canva templates available and design it accordingly to your desire - change its color, add elements, add text and more. Once you are happy with your design move to another step in our guide.

Save the design to Smartmockups

Now that your design is ready, you are all set to connect your Smartmockups account with Canva and preview your Canva design on all mockups available in our library.

Connect both accounts

To connect your accounts together, click Publish icon in Canva and look for Smartmockups App in the dropdown menu. From there, click Connect button to connect both accounts together.

Note: Make sure to be logged in with accounts you want to connect together.

Get live preview on all mockups

Once the connection has been confirmed, click Save button. Wait a couple of seconds until the saving process is done. This will save your Canva design to Smartmockups where you can upload it to mockups later on or you can get a live preview on all mockups available in our mockup library. To get instant live preview, click "View in Smartmockups" in the pop-up window. You will be automatically redirected to Smartmockups' mockup library to preview your Canva design.

2. How to leverage Canva integration even more

In our last step we discussed how you can get a live preview on all mockups in our library but it is not the only way how you can leverage the powerful connection between Smartmockups and Canva. What if you wish to save multiple different Canva designs to Smartmockups and use them later on? The Canva integration enables you to do that.

Do you remember the pop-up window from our last step? The pop-up confirms that your design was saved to Smartmockups. You can decide whether you want to preview your Canva design on all our mockups or you can cancel the pop-up window and continue saving Canva designs to Smartmockups in the same way to use them later on. Once you have enough of Canva designs saved in Smartmockups, you can head to our mockup library, choose the mockup you want to create and upload the saved Canva designs to mockups via Upload from button.

Final results

A T-shirt mockup from Smartmockups

A sweatshirt mockup from Smartmockups

A tank top mockup from Smartmockups

A T-shirt mockup from Smartmockups

💪 Set up your Canva integration

Set up your Canva integration now and don't forget to let us know about your thoughts! We hope that you are going to love it. 😊

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