Bring your product mockups to life with video & GIF upload and export

Bring your product mockups to life with video & GIF upload and export

  • Jun 14th
  • 9 min read
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We are excited to introduce you our newest feature: Video mockups! The best way to step up your mockup game! 🚀

Do you struggle with the creation of an exclusive video presentation of your product? You've tried many tools and have spent hours not getting any reasonable result? Get your hands on our newest feature that enables you to load video or GIF to any technology or social media mockup to get a high quality video mockup in no time! 🔥

For many designers, videos play a big role in bringing the product to life and giving users the ultimate tangible experience. And it doesn't matter if it comes to showcasing an UI element, a fancy scroll of an app/a website or video marketing campaigns, in all of these cases, you want your client to get the experience of what the product feels like as if it is live on the internet.

What will you learn?

  1. How to use video/GIF upload?
  2. Step-by-step guide on how to get started with video/GIF upload
  3. Tips how to leverage the usage of video/GIF upload

1. How to use video/GIF upload ?

We are super excited to release one of the most requested features ever to help you step up your mockup game and bring your products to life to create an ultimate tangible experience for your clients and users. This feature is available for PRO plan members only.

Videos are widely used among designers especially for showcasing the performance and user experience of different design elements. With Smartmockups, you are all set to join the club and create an exclusive and professional-looking product presentation that is going to impress. 😉

To help you do even more, we have added four powerful capabilities into this feature that will make your life so much easier:

  • 👉 opportunity to upload videos in .MP4 format and GIFs
  • 👉 export mockups with videos in a super high-resolution in up to 3K
  • 👉 combine the upload of videos with images or even multiple videos
  • 👉 create stunning video mockups of technology and social media mockups

Now that you know all the basics 😉 of using this new PRO feature, let's have a look at what use cases it is perfect for! Our users kept telling us what a lifesaver it would be to upload video to mockup, therefore we have compiled a list of situations in which this feature might be extra useful.

Animation elements

As a designer, you often create a design of not only a website layout, but also the elements that form the website as a whole, for example, hover buttons, icons, clickable icons, animated icons and so on. You can present the usage of these elements in a realistic environment thanks to video and GIF upload from Smartmockups.

Marketing campaings

Videos play an important role not only in designer's life but also in a marketer's. It represents an educational material for the customer, a call to action to motivate the customer for a purchase and overall it represents the business in a completely different form. Thanks to video upload from Smartmockups, you can create stunning marketing campaigns for social media channels in a form of a video mockup before launching an actual campaign.


There is no need to record a specially dedicated video to a website project you have been working on. What you can do instead is to take a very quick screencast on your device showing different aspects of the website (scroll, hover buttons, header design), upload it to a device mockup from Smartmockups and deliver an ultimate presentation of your design work.

Presentation of educational material

If you create an educational material for your audience (tutorials and how tos), you can leverage from using the newest feature we offer to bring your Power Point presentations to the next level that will attract your audience.

2. Step-by-step guide on how to get started with video/GIF upload

With our step-by-step guide, you can jump straight into the business to load video or GIF to get your first video mockup.

STEP 1: Choose the perfect mockup

Video/GIF upload is currently available only for technology or social media mockups. So go ahead to one of these mockup categories to choose the perfect mockup for your digital project.

STEP 2: Upload your video and customize the scene

Upload your video in .MP4 format (your video has to be less than 90s long) or GIF or combine the upload of multiple videos or videos with images. By using our crop tool, change the alignment of the video, rotate or flip it. It takes few seconds for the video to be uploaded and rendered which then enables you to move on to the customization of your mockup scene.

STEP 3: Download or share the final mockup in a super-high resolution

Once you are happy with the result, go ahead and hit the "download" button to export your mockup. All mockups in .MP4 format can be exported in up to 3K super high-resolution.

3. Tips how to leverage the usage of video/GIF upload

Adding a video to your mockup can be a hastle as there are not many online tools in the market that support this feature. Now that you've got Smartmockups in your hands, we think that, screencasts and screenshots undoubtedly will be playing a big part in your mockup creation therefore we decided to give you tips and tricks on how to record the screen using different devices and operational systems.

How to do screencasts on desktop/laptop devices:

As mentioned above, screencasts are going to be an essential part of your mockup creation. However, every single device has its own built-in apps that help you to record such. Let's have a look at how you can do screencasts on different devices.

Windows device:

Every single device with Windows 10 software has a built-in possibility of recording screens thanks to Xbox app. The screencasts within Xbox are primarily for gamers and eSports players, however, it can be used for the classic screencasting as well.

How do you get started?

  1. Launch the Xbox app.
  2. In the section "Game DVR" you will find a note about how to record screencasts everytime you need to.
  3. Press Windows + G and click the red button to start recording.
  4. Once you are done recording, shut down the website window.

To find your screencast in your computer, you can either get back to Xbox app and find your screencast in the "Game DVR" section or head to This PC -> Videos -> Captures.

MacOS device:

Every single MacBook has a built-in application called QuickTime Player that works as an extensible multimedia framework that can handle a whole variety of actions for you. For our video mockups, you will most probably need the ability of recording your screen which QuickTime Player can do exactly for you.

What are the steps to start recording with QuickTime Player?

  1. Launch QuickTime Player app (you can find it via Finder, search or have it automatically in the tap bar)
  2. Go to File -> New Screen recording
  3. Start recording by clicking the red button

What is super cool about this app are the capabilities that are added into it. For example, you can already record a voice over or have your mouse clicks shown while recording which is going to make your work so much easier.

How to do screencasts on mobile devices:


With Android devices, there is no built-in widget or app that records the screen of a device. For this case, you have to download a third-party app from your Google Store to start rolling. The app that works well for this particular purpose is called AZ Screen Recorder. It has not limits, nor watermarks and its extremely simple to use without the extra set up needed.

  1. Download AZ Screen Recorder from Google Store
  2. Launch the app
  3. Select "record" option and confirm the screen recording
  4. Once done recording, you can stop recording by swiping down or clicking "stop" butto

The app provides you with very simple editing tool that enables you to cut, edit the video, replace the audio or convert sections as GIFs.


If you are using an iPhone devices for your everyday life, then we have a great tutorial on how to record your screen using the iPhone.

  1. Go to Settings -> Control Center -> Customize Controls and tap next to the Screen Recording button. This will help you to get the widget saved into your tab and being available for your use anytime.

  2. Go to the exact page of an app/website you want to record.

  3. Swipe up from the bottom of any screen.

  4. Click on the Screen Recording button.

  5. Wait three seconds and start recording.

You can easily turn off the widget and get it removed from your tab anytime by going back to your Settings and unabling the Screen Recording button.

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